Since my studies, I have been involved in several projects in a global landscape. Madrid, New York and London have given me a wide international view of the fashion industry. Complimented with visits to production factories and multiple trade shows, I have seen the true face behind the fashion spotlight.

Always focused on innovation, it has been my goal to bring technological advances to the fashion industry, making its processes evolve to the standards of our times.

Group 2

I work on creative direction, on creating the feel of a season, on composing the perfect pictures, on translating that feeling to the website of a fashion business.

At the same time, I'm teaching my design methodology and how the user experience must be a priority in private schools in France.

Within my company Paradigme Mode, I have the chance to manage a growing team and to connect a flourishing network of ethical brands and creators in the whole European continent.

I've always been immersed in a never ending learning travel. All the countries, schools, fellow students, colleagues, business partners on every city I've ever passed by have nourished my career and my determination to change the fashion industry for the better.

It's always been my dream to change the fashion industry. My business Paradigme Mode was born with this idea. We want to show that another way of working is possible.